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Share your personal stories of how you integrated music into the classroom.

TOPIC: Using Music in your classroom!

Using Music in your classroom! 4 years 9 months ago #4

  • Sarah C
  • Sarah C's Avatar
I am a firm believer in using music in the general education classroom! It helps students remember facts and different ideas when it is put into music form. It also keeps students engaged and actively participating in lessons.
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Music Experiences in the Classroom 4 years 9 months ago #7

  • Lindsay Bellman
  • Lindsay Bellman's Avatar
I have been in many classrooms where music has been integrated into instruction, especially in the Pre-K and Kindergarten settings. Last semester in my kindergarten class I was in, the teacher would play songs that involved counting to help the students practice their math skills. Also, in the 2nd grade class I am currently in, my teacher presents the students with a poem that they sing as a song to help them with their reading.
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Using Music in your classroom! 4 years 9 months ago #11

  • Carly Bilchak
  • Carly Bilchak's Avatar
I believe that music is a huge asset in classrooms today. It's great for all ages and everyone can enjoy it. I have taught lessons that included YouTube video and the students loved them and actually learned a lot. I have seen teacher incorporate music for all grades and it is very affective. We also had to create lesson plans in a music class and also incorporate a skill that the students could use and learn by a specific song. Music is a key component in schools today and really has a positive impact on many students.
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Using Music in your classroom! 4 years 9 months ago #14

  • Ryan Harney
  • Ryan Harney's Avatar
I am currently working in a long term sub position in a school in Brooklyn, New York. I am working with Kindergarten students in a neighborhood that has a mostly Asian population. In my class there are 25 students 17 girls, and 8 boys! 3 of my students take violin lessons a couple of times a week and they love it. I find that they are more responsible having to care for an instrument and make up missed work and tests while going to their lessons.

Specifically in my classroom though, I use pandora radio for my students while they are doing their writing and reading independent work. We listen to the relaxation radio which covers anywhere from Classical music to recent songs that are covered acoustically by the piano. When I started, the students were loud, talkative, and got little work done. One day I decided to incorporate the music and the entire atmosphere of the classroom changed. The kids were quieter, more thoughtful, and got more work accomplished. They even started humming along to the songs they recognized while they worked. I found that they accomplished more work this way and so it became part of our daily routine. The music calms them, and reminds them to remain quiet and on task.
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